Yard of the Month Winners

Congratulations to the Yard of the Month winners. This program is designed to show appreciation and to recognize those homeowners who demonstrate superior effort in maintaining their property, and who, as a result, positively contribute to the overall appearance of Cypress Trails community. 


The YOM committee meets once a month to drive around our beautiful community and choose the one yard that stands out from the others. The criteria we use is as follows:
Healthy lawn, neatly mowed and edged
Pruned and trimmed shrubs and trees
Healthy living plants
Minimum or no weeds in flowerbeds
Yard free of debris and clutter
Use of color and texture
Creative; unique curb appeal
Pleasing appearance making the property an asset to the community
We choose the winners in the middle of the month and present the sign (as seen in pictures) soon thereafter. The winners keep the sign in their front yards for approximately 4 weeks or until the next winner is announced.
October and December will have a slightly different criteria to include holiday decorations.
If you have any questions reach out to HOA VP Marie Fulop at CypresstrailsHOA2020mf@gmail.com.

September 2021

The Events Committee and HOA would like to congratulate The Abbuhl Family at 743 Aspenleaf for September's Yard of the Month!


October 2020

The Events Committee and HOA would like to congratulate John Morales & Gabrielle Skinger for being the Halloween 2020 Yard of the Month. Witches, Ghosts, Wolves, and Clowns animatronics have brought something wicked to 145 Aspen Leaf and will definitely scare with delight. Be sure not to miss out on the 20 foot Skelton that will wave you as you walk by.

The Cypress Trails residence did not make this month an easy one for the judges as there were several incredible decorated homes within our neighborhood. A special shout out to 45 & 291 Gray Wolf as well as 18, 43, and 265 Aspen Leaf.

Thank you for all the scary splendor.


September 2020

The HOA and Events Committee would like to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Keith of Gray Wolf Trail. They are the proud recipients of the September 2020 Yard of the Month. Thank you so much for bringing immaculate architectural design and beautiful floral arrangements to Cypress Trails.


August 2020

Congratulations to the August 2020 Yard of the Month winner. Hummingbirds and butterflies grace Aspen Leaf thanks to the Irek Family. Their home is a hidden landscape gem filled with ball-shaped bushes, lantana trees, and Fire Bushes. We thank you for taking so much pride in the beautification of your home and Cypress Trails.


July 2020

July 2020

A huge congratulations to Ricky and Jacqueline Tuquero on being Cypress Trails July 2020 Yard of the Month! The Tuquero’s have been hard at work the past couple of months redesigning and implementing changes on the landscape of their home. They decided to remove all of the builder landscaping as well as replace damaged sod. They added Viburnums, Yellow Ligustrum, Orange and Pink Pentas, Scheffleras, Hostas Crotons, Red Roses and Dracaena, Pigmy Date palm, and Ponytail Palm. The results are outstanding…Thank You once again for making our community beautiful.  

June YOM - The Ryans.jpg

June 2020

The Events Committee would like to congratulate Kimberly and Kevin Ryan of Gray Wolf Trail on being the June 2020 Yard of the Month.  The Ryans have an incredible arrangement of palm trees, flowers, plants, and beautiful bottle brush bushes that create a true feeling of a tropical paradise. Congratulations once again, and thank you for bringing so much beauty to Cypress Trails.


May 2020

The Events Committee and Yard of the Month Sub Committee would like to Congratulate Jorge and Alessandra Martinez for being the first recipients of the Cypress Trails Yard of the Month. Jorge and Alessandra take great pride in their home and neighborhood

Be on the look out for next month winners of Yard of the Month!!!!