Sub-Committee Information

The Cypress Trails Homeowner Association Board of Directors recently implemented new subcommittees composed of volunteers within our community.  Our goal is an attempt to improve avenues of communication, keep all residents informed, ensure our safety and ultimately enhance our sense of community.

Each subcommittee and their contributions to our common goals are listed below and have begun to help us in obtaining these objectives.

The Architectural Review Subcommittee (ARC):

Chairperson Rich Horvath with Eddie Chiarotti and Michael Jones as committee members.

This committee meets every other week and is responsible for addressing resident requests as they are submitted. They ensure requested developments fall inline within the ARC guidelines then follow up with each resident request promptly.

The Welcome Wagon and Events Subcommittee:

Chairperson Florence Chiarotti with Nancy Mortensen, Jeanne McNean, Mark Grupton, Jackie Picchione, Eileen Crawford, Jacqueline Tuquero and Coley Edwards-Walker as committee members.

They are in the beginning stages of planning and due to the unforeseen circumstances have been placed on hold for the time being. They are looking forward to establishing social events and welcoming new residents as soon as health concerns dissipate.

The Communications Subcommittee:

Chairperson Marie Fulop with Robyn Kaiser, Larry Kaiser, Elizabeth Levesque and Carlos Roman as committee members.

They have been actively working on updating all resident’s preferred methods of communication and contact info (letters will be delivered door to door) to all residents as soon as health concerns improve. A redesign of the HOA Website, creating an HOA Facebook page, a quarterly Community Newsletter and a Letterboard to provide Current Events postings within the community.

The Neighborhood Watch Subcommittee:

Chairperson Marie Fulop with Anthony ‘Tony’ Nunziato and Lou Calabrese as committee members.

No neighborhood meetings have been held at this time due to the current pandemic. Updates will be provided as soon as meetings are safe to be held. Please email Marie if you have any concerns regarding this for the time being.

Updates from these Subcommittees will be provided via the HOA website, Facebook page, and newsletters as they develop. If anyone has questions, concerns or would like to volunteer their time to any of these subcommittees, please feel free to reach out to the Chairperson of the respective group.

We look forward to keeping the lines of communication flowing, answering any concerns as they arise, connecting our neighborhood and enhancing our sense of community.


The HOA Board & Subcommittees