Cypress Trails FAQ

The purpose of your community’s Association is to own and maintain the common areas for the benefit of all homeowners. These areas include roadside landscaping, neighborhood parks, and preservation areas.  The Association, through its Board of Directors, also enforces the rights and obligations outlined in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for the community.

Every homeowner within Cypress Trails at Nocatee is a member of the Cypress Trails Homeowners Association.

While limited to some extent by state and local laws, HOA rules and regulations are also supported by them. This means that becoming a member involves entering into a legally binding contract. As long as the HOA stays within its authority and its governing documents comply with state and local laws, courts will usually uphold their actions if an issue gets that far. While rules are officially set in documents, the HOA can usually change them through a member vote or similar procedure, so there is recourse if a particular restriction or bylaw seems unfair. Disciplinary actions by an HOA are typically in the form of fines, but in more serious cases may go as far as a lien on the property. For a sufficient offense, the HOA may even be able to foreclose on a home, depending on its rules. If an HOA assesses fines, even incorrectly, it may be better to pay them first and then contest the matter to avoid any late fees, penalties, or other consequences.

The Tolomato Community Development District (CDD) was established to assist in the financing and construction of public infrastructure of Nocatee, including major roadways, parks and trails, and other amenities serving property owners in Nocatee. The CDD operates and maintains those improvements, and you will pay assessments and fees to the CDD annually. Typically, these fees are included in the Real Estate tax bill you receive from the County in November of each year. These fees are not associated with the Cypress Trails HOA.

  • Garbage pickup occurs every Monday
  • Yard waste pickup occurs every Wednesday
  • Recycle Pickup is every other Friday

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The Cypress Trails HOA holds two open meetings annually at Crosswater Hall and at the Cypress Trails Pavilion. The date and time for the meetings will be posted on this website, sent to homeowners who have registered their email address with BCM, on the HOA Facebook page, and signs will be posted at the community entrance. All homeowners are encouraged to attend.

The CDD (Community Development District) has overall responsibility for Nocatee. They own all the common areas both outside and inside the individual neighborhoods.  This includes the Cypress Trails pool and dog park but does not include the roads which are owned by the city. We pay our CDD fee as a part of our real estate tax.

The HOA is responsible for all the areas in Cypress Trails not covered by the CDD and the city. The Declaration of Covenants and Architectural Review Board Manual that we all received when we moved in define the rules for the community. The HOA owns these documents and is responsible for making sure we all live up to them. The HOA dues are collected at the beginning of each year

BCM is a management company that performs many of the administrative functions for a number of HOAs, including Cypress Trails. They do the HOA billing, pay HOA vendors and bills, and perform periodic monitoring of the neighborhood for noncompliance to the Covenants.

Yes, Cypress Trails is managed by BCM Services, Inc.

The CDD owns Cypress Park, the pool, the ballfields, the dog park, the playground, and pavilion. All other areas of Cypress Trails is owned by the HOA.

Any modifications to your property must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval PRIOR to any work or modifications being constructed on your property. Please allow two to four weeks for complete processing. Include complete descriptions, dimensions, style, type drawings, materials being used, colors, etc. Download the Submission Form here.

Nocatee Community FAQ

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