Cypress Trails HOA Spring Letter

The Board of Directors would like to thank those who are taking Social Distancing seriously and are following all Local and Federal guidelines to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the Nocatee Community. More importunately please continue to stay healthy.

The Homeowners Association (HOA) works diligently to encourage people to keep homes looking nice, but it ultimately comes down to the pride you have for your neighborhood. With all that said, the HOA is urging everyone to do his or her part in keeping the property kept up, enhancing desirability to live in your unique community and thus increasing property values. The following basic maintenance changes the look of an entire neighborhood:

  • Pressure wash outside of your house, fence, sidewalk & driveway to remove dirt, mold, and grime if needed, recommended every other year.
  • If applicable, fix broken siding, fences, shutters, windows & mailboxes and maintain them in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Treat your yard for weeds and pest control year-round.
  • Pull weeds from mulch beds, rock beds & flowerbeds. Trim branches that encroach onto roofs and over sidewalks. Mow, trim and edge your lawn and shrubs regularly.
  • Water your yard in accordance with the water restrictions. The rules change when the clocks change.
  • Keep trash cans, recycle bins, garbage and bulk debris out of view when not scheduled for collection. If left outside, cans must be screened with the approved Cypress Trails garbage can enclosure.
  • Keep toys out of the front yard/driveway when not in use.
  • Do not park in the street when your driveway can be used for your vehicles. A number of the streets are narrow and parking on both sides can restrict the legally required passage of vehicles on the street. Do not illegally block the sidewalks with your vehicles either – people need to be able to walk without having to move into the streets to get around your vehicle.
  • Contain your pets and pick up after your pets. Be respectful to neighbor’s yards when walking your pets throughout the neighborhood.
  • All exterior changes or improvements to the property must be approved by the HOA. The application must be made via the ARC Submission Form for approval prior to construction. Incomplete information will result in a delay or denial of the application.

These are just a handful of basic (low-cost ways) of keeping the home looking nice and safe, which in turn makes the neighborhood a desirable place to live and a community that people can be proud of.


At the Direction of the Board,
Matthew Ciupak, CAM